Afraid of leaving your e-scooter unsupervised? Tired of dragging it along when scooting isn’t an option? Luckily for you, there are solutions to every e-scooter issue in the form of simple accessories.

From road-safety essentials like mirrors to convenient accessories like phone holders, e-scooter accessories are widely available. The following are some absolute must-haves for newbies or if you own the best electric scooter for commuting, its time for a slight upgrade. You can thank us later!

 1. Bell

From announcing your arrival to alerting careless drivers on the road, a scooter bell can come in quite handy. Moreover, the old-timey classic ringing sound combined with the vintage look can take you back to those days when you rode your first bicycle.

Choose the Best: Check the specs beforehand to make sure whether the bell will adjust around your e-scooter handlebar. A loud, clear-sounding bell is what you should go for.

 2. Carrying Handle

 Dragging around an e-scooter is no fun. There’s a simple solution though, and it isn’t a carrying bag.

Carry handles or straps are cheap and effective solutions to your e-scooter transporting needs. These will make your vehicle conveniently portable.

Choose the Best: It’s better if you choose a carrying handle that has a long strap you can wear over your shoulder. Go for padded handles – those help you stay comfortable under the extra weight.


You can only enjoy your scooter as long as you have it. Sadly, casually parked bikes and scooters are easy targets for theft.

As of 2016, more motorbikes were stolen than sold in the UK. The same year, the US saw 46,467 motorbike thefts. We expect scooters thefts won’t be far behind since scooters are even easier to relocate.

Why not secure your e-scooter by attaching it to a post or railing using a simple bike lock?

Choose the Best: This is especially important if you’re going to park your scooter out of your sight – invest in a sturdy chain or cable lock! Check a few reviews before you purchase to know whether it will hold up against force.

4.Phone Mount

Keeping your phone in view at all times is convenient, especially if you’re used to checking it often. Instead of fumbling in your pockets each time there’s a call or you need to use the map, you can readily use it without interrupting your scooting.

Choose the Best: Make sure your phone size is compatible with the phone mount holder. Check the specs before you purchase it. It’s best if you choose an adjustable holder that can be secured tightly to your e-scooter’s handlebar. Shock-absorbing features are another big plus to ensure your phone’s safety.

5. Kickstand

If your e-scooter doesn’t already come with a kickstand, you should add one on. It will save you the bother of looking for some kind of support to park your scooter against.

A single-legged, lightweight, and durable kickstand would be ideal for an e-scooter.

Choose the Best: Spring-loaded kickstands can work great for you. Low-budget, easy usage without getting your hands dirty.

Are These Necessary?

 It all depends on how frequently you ride your e-scooter, and the kind of traffic you face. We would strongly recommend you to get a simple mirror and lock, at the very least. The other accessories, though not crucial from a safety point of view, will do wonders for your own convenience.

Be it if you’re riding a shared electric scooter or riding your own, it is crucial to be extra vigilant and careful of your safety. Apart from these e-scooter accessories, your helmet should always be your number one priority. Scoot safely!