If coffee and you have always been a thing, we know the best of coffee shops in San Francisco which will make you drool. Not only do they serve the best coffee in town, but their ambiance makes them just perfect. What’s even better is that they are located close-by so you can just take your electric scooter for commuting and visit as many as you want.

Ever tried a coffee shop marathon? Trust us; the first sip of the morning cup of coffee will give you the drive to rush your electric scooter (Zoom Stryder)and hop on to every café where you will leave a little part of you. So, let us explore the whiff of the best coffee beans in town!

1. La Capra Coffee

Photo of La Capra - San Francisco, CA, United States

The finest espresso joint this coffee shop speaks of elegance and all things Italy. Be sure to sip the best Italian inspired espresso and of course, the dessert is to die for. If like me, you too believe that every hour is dessert hour, gulp a couple of pastries and nothing would make the day better and happier.

Photo of La Capra - San Francisco, CA, United States


2. Chapel Hill Coffee Co.

Photo of Chapel Hill Coffee - San Francisco, CA, United States. Behind the counter


If tiny little coffee café seems to be the one that fits your coffee date diaries; this is the place to be. This place offers a standing room only and despite the fact that there are no tables; the view you can steal is to die for. They offer the best four barrel coffee and have baked goods coming from Neighbour Bakehouse. Overall, it is the best place for the first morning cup of coffee.

3. Blue Bottle Coffee

Photo of Blue Bottle Coffee - San Francisco, CA, United States. from the side entrance

If you are looking to find the best coffee place for a romantic date, this is it. From the polished marble and white tiling to the high rise ceilings and the ambiance; everything is definitely spot on. Their New Orleans iced coffee is known to be one of the very best in the whole of San Francisco. Also, if you would like to kick-start your day with the most lip-smacking waffle, order one and you are going to fall in love with it!

Photo of Blue Bottle Coffee - San Francisco, CA, United States. 17 ft Ceiling Espresso latte & Limited release drip coffee $4.75 each


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4. Linea Caffe

Photo of Linea Caffe - San Francisco, CA, United States. Menu


Another little but cute coffee café which is good for those who are not looking for anything too upscale or extraordinarily fancy. It is these tiny cafes that end up helping coffee people come up with great novel ideas. Famous among too many writer folks, you can enjoy your time at the outdoor seating, raise a toast to the street view and sip your favorite coffee. The proprietary roast, Health Ceramics Cups is another reason this café is so famous among people.

5. Mazarine Coffee

Photo of Mazarine Coffee - San Francisco, CA, United States. Saturday morning Owned by Hamid Rafati, a former techie, this is the café which is known for having a lot of regulars who hop here for their daily coffee fix. You too might find yourself parking your portable electric vehicle every day once you get addicted to their nitro cold brew or even the espresso. What is interesting is the fact that along with coffee, they also have beer and wine, so you can decide which way to swing. Also, their dishes are beautifully done so make sure to capture some perfect food shots for your Instagram account.

Photo of Mazarine Coffee - San Francisco, CA, United States. It's a brunch type of Saturday. Fig ricotta toast, avocado radish goat cheese toast, avocado egg toast, mocha, and iced coffee.


6. Equator Coffees and Teas

Photo of Equator Coffees & Teas - San Francisco, CA, United States


The first of Equator’s coffee shops in San Francisco, this one too has plenty of options for coffee lovers. From espresso to drip coffee, teas, single origin pour over, cold brew and even wine on tap, you name it and you shall have it. You can also find light munching items like grain salads and toasts as well. The quirky décor and wall art would give you the perfect ‘coffee feels’ here and it will definitely help you steal some perfect shots for your Instagram account.

7. Trouble Coffee

Photo of Trouble Coffee Company - San Francisco, CA, United States. Front door Unlike the name, you are not going to have any trouble in this quaint little Instagram-worthy café. Least likely to find a seat, this is the perfect place for coffee and toast. Along with being a great coffee shop, this place has made a name for making some of the finest toasts that are sure to make you crave for even more. If you are an Outerlands fan, you could wait here, sip coffee and then head for brunch at the busy joint. Don’t forget to click some cool pictures here of the quirky décor.

Photo of Trouble Coffee Company - San Francisco, CA, United States


8. Saint Frank

Photo of Saint Frank Coffee - San Francisco, CA, United States. Tasting flight ($8): latte, espresso, hot, cold brew


With a minimalistic design, simple sitting, the real attention grabber has to be one of the finest coffee served in San Francisco. This Russian hill spot is known for its incredibly amazing espresso and pour-over. Their coffee is sourced from different producers who work independently. There is a limited variety of food items available too. It is the best café for quick coffee grabbing when you are in the nearby neighborhood.

9. George and Lennie

Photo of George And Lennie - San Francisco, CA, United States

If you love a little art and some fancy décor and great ambiance, this is surely the place to be. Be sure to click tons of pictures here to make your Instagram account super active with engagement. Ride your e scooter and then spend hours at this café because it is so easy to get lost at the picture perfect feels here. It is a bohemian tenderloin hangout place where artists come in plenty seeking their inspiration and daily coffee fix. The eclectic lime green walls do wonder to the ambiance and you too might become a regular here.

Photo of George And Lennie - San Francisco, CA, United States. Montage of images from George and Lennie


So, with these many diverse options at your fingertips, stop making a cup of coffee yourself. All you need to do is drag your electric scooter and go on a full day coffee marathon. Do not forget to let us know your favorite joint and the experience!

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