Thinking short-term, instead of long-term, it’s quite easy to choose to go with the present cheaper option and choose an E-scooter sharing service, to commute around town. Sure it’ll just cost you a couple of dollars to rent the scooter for a day, but what if you end up riding the scooter so much, it becomes more expensive to ride with over time than it would be to own your own electric scooter, right?

In the U.S., specifically, along with a few other countries who are catching up with the world, the scooter invasion has been real, and since the reign of the era that booms with start-up companies, the opportunity to take the need for commuting around town, and turn it into a company, or should we say several companies, became a reality.

Thinking of a city like New York, electric scooters are considered one of the best ideas to launch into a profitable market yet. Considering that most of New Yorker’s own cars or want to own cars for that matter, you’re sadly mistaken.

Traffic is considered extremely chaotic in the golden city of the U.S., which is why you may be familiar with electric scooter service companies, such as Lime and Bird, two of the most notably popular scooter-sharing service companies in the U.S. These companies have made waves as one of the most popular up and coming trends in the country yet.

Why wouldn’t U.S. residents love E-scooters, they are so cool when you can ride to your favourite coffeeshop!

Plus, it’s a cheap and an “eco-friendly” way to get around too.

Zoom Electric Scooter On The Road

The Evolution of the Traditional Scooter

If you’re a millennial, we’re sure you remember that standard little scooter, which works just as well as a skateboard, that you used to ride along the pavement from one street to another to get to your friend’s house as a child.

Well, the scooter has come a long way from being an ordinary two-wheeled kick to a redesigned, modified and turned completely electric, to help get you around town faster, going at least 12 miles per hour. While it’s no car, it still beats sitting in traffic.

If you haven’t tried the new improved version of the scooter, you should. There is a reason why it has become one of the most popular trends in the U.S., and why the trend is continuing to grow all around the world.

Something to take into consideration, however, is the fact that electric scooters don’t have to be shared. Why from one person to another to ride, when you can own your very own one too?

In fact, it’s much like renting a car. Although some people don’t mind sharing a car that has been driven by countless other individuals previously, it still bothers a lot of people. Especially, because you don’t know whether the scooter is in adequate condition than it’s been before, making you wonder whether it’s worth renting one daily.

The Benefits of Owning Your Own Electric Scooter VS Sharing One

Ah, owning something, whether it be your favorite piece of clothing, a car, an expensive headset, or perhaps even an electric scooter, is something to be proud of. Not only is it something that belongs solely to you, but it will help simplify your life, getting you around town without having to worry about renting it each day.

While some prefer sharing the electric scooter, rather than spending, what seems like a lot of money on their ride, there is plenty of money to be saved long-term, when you make the decision of purchasing your own.

When the adult electric scooter sharing industry started, people knew that it was going to be big. It started a trend, and perhaps even added to the popular platform of owning your own electric scooter for commuting around town.

Why share, when you can own your own foldable electric scooter, and use it to your heart’s content? Apart from saving tons of money, there are plenty of other reasons why it’s time to invest around $800-$1000.

It’s all about the micro-mobility services

Adding to an eco-friendlier world, countries around the world are doing what they need to, to help decrease carbon dioxide in the air, which will reduce air pollution, along with preventing other types of pollutions from occurring. Not only will this help sustain the world, but it will also add to humans meeting the necessary climate change targets, which is slowly but surely taking a toll on the earth.

If it feels like humans haven’t put enough effort into caring for the world, the reduced usage of plastic, along with the idea to implement an eco-friendlier way to commute around town, might just be the ticket to helping the environment.

E-scooter sharing companies, along with independent selling electric scooter companies, are making a mark on what it means to implement change in the world.

Did You Know?

Fun fact: The electric scooter has become so popular, that it is estimated to accumulate a revenue of between $34 and $42-billion, within the next decade.

It has been proven that, although electric scooter sharing has become a popular trend, there is a big percentage of individuals, up to 40%, that would prefer to own their own electric scooter.

Comparing Sharing and Owning an Electric Scooter

  • Owning an E-scooter is Beneficial as it Lasts Longer

Although the E-scooter doesn’t solve the entire problem of what’s adding to global warming, nor is it entirely environmentally sustainable, the initiative of starting a scooter-sharing industry, was to reduce the carbon footprint. However, owning an E-scooter, accumulating the number of scooters that are manufactured in the world, isn’t causing any more problems, nor adding to the problem at hand, any more than E-scooter sharing is, which means that you might as well purchase your own electric scooter.

Keeping in mind that Bird and Lime dispose of their E-scooters as soon as it breaks, the option of owning a scooter seems a lot better than sharing one. On a more alarming side, shared E-scooters only last 1-3 months, which adds to a bigger problem than anything else.

Owning an electric scooter means taking ownership and responsibility of facing the problems the world is dealt with today, especially when it comes to the causes of global warming.

  • Shared Electric Scooters are Convenient, but May End Up Costing Your More…

Although these scooters are better for the environment, as it doesn’t add to harmful gases in the air, causing air pollution, the production thereof, is adding to the carbon footprint. Not only the production, in fact, the charging, distributing and collection thereof, as most scooters are manufactured in China and distributed to the U.S.

While electric scooter sharing companies paint the picture of an eco-friendlier environment, one must consider all the variables at hand. Is the advertising of these companies manipulating people and adding to an even bigger problem?

When you own an electric scooter, you take better care of it, repair it and ensure it has a far longer lifespan than 1-3 months, which means that you are initially solving the problem, unlike scooter sharing companies.

  • Which is More Expensive, Buying or Sharing?

Although sharing an electric scooter seems to cost less per ride, which is usually $1 for a rental, plus 15c per minute commuting in the U.S., which is a great way to persuade people to use this service, it may be costing you more than owning one would.

Don’t get us wrong, sharing an E-scooter is perfect once a week, or a few times per month, but if you’re planning on using it every single day, it will cost you a lot more over time.

According to statistics, it costs $30 a month to use the E-scooter sharing services for those who commute daily, which means you’re spending double the amount of money, then you would if you owned your own scooter.

Renting a shared E-scooter, will thus, cost you $2,500 annually, instead of $800-$1000, which it would cost if you owned one.

The numbers are crazy! (Time to save with an e-scooter!)

  • Parking VS Storing a Scooter

One of the biggest issues with dockless sharing scooter services is that the scooters are misused, as it can be parked anywhere. This causes riders to leave scooters in impractical locations, which are usually quite unsafe. However, when you own a foldable electric scooter, you can easily fold it up, and carry it with you wherever you may go, be it to a restaurant or even work. Not only will this ensure the safety of the scooter, but it could potentially save you a lot more money, considering that you’ll have to pay for the shared E-scooter if it gets stolen or damaged.

The Best Electric Scooter for Commuting

The best electric scooter for commuting around the city, are foldable electric scooters, that are easy to use and travel with wherever you may go. Although sharing an electric scooter seems like a good idea every now and again, there is nothing that beats owning your own sidekick, which will help get you around town far more conveniently, at an affordable price, and in a much eco-friendlier manner than a shared scooter.

Know your facts first, invest in an electric scooter today.