Are you looking for an exciting new way to travel? Try out e-scooters, one of the most convenient ways to travel to work, get groceries and run errands. All you need to do is hop on them and twist the accelerator to glide ahead – it’s that simple!

Did you know that the European market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 30%? E-scooter adoption is rising sharply across the world. While the biggest markets for e-scooters in Europe are in Amsterdam, France, and Germany, Paris, the city of love, isn’t far behind too. In France, the 125cc market has grown by 52% from 2014 to 2015 with around 450 units being sold.

You’re probably thinking about getting one too, if you haven’t already. Whether it be dealing with environmental concerns, traffic congestions, or increased transportation costs, e-scooters are the answer to all.

Let’s find out how e-scooters help you reduce your expenses and serve as a model mode of transport.

The E-Scooter Experience – How Much Can You Save?

E-scooters don’t cost you money – simple. The only cost you have to deal with is charging your scooter – and that won’t be more than a few pounds a month.

So, how much can you look to save with an e-scooter? To find out let’s take a look at the transportation costs of a city like London.

 Save on the Public Transportation Costs

The public transportation system in London can be really confusing and often, expensive. A single one-way ticket on a subway costs you around £4.90. If you’re looking to explore around, you may spend up using the maximum day fare of £9.80. To travel by a fast train, expect to shell out approximately £25. Bus rides can cost you between £6 and £10.

 Save on Taxi Fares

An average taxi ride can be around £15 to £20. If you take public transportation like bus, taxi and subway, your transportation expense per day can be anything from £20 to £50.

That means you can save £20 to £50 each day when you travel by an e-scooter! For a month, that translates to savings of £400 to £600. The amount is significant when you have other expenses to pay like rent, cost of food, utility bills and so on.

The Other Reasons E-Scooters are a Great Bet

You will not only be able to save on your transportation costs but also do a favor to others and yourself by riding an e-scooter. Let’s check out the other benefits of e-scooters.

You’re likely to be on time.

E-scooters don’t need you to be stuck in traffic congestions! You can take the bike lanes or squeeze past the stationary cars with your slim and mobile e-scooter. It saves you time, and you get to reach work way ahead of your login time.

You don’t have to be stuck in crazy traffic!

Most of the urban centres and cities suffer from the problem of traffic congestion. Lines of vehicles stand bumper to bumper without anyone moving an inch. E-scooters go a long way to reduce the problem of traffic congestion- you can keep the roads free, and vehicles will always be moving!

Who pays parking fees? Not you.

Parking fees can become a considerable expense if you have to pay them each day. With e-scooters, you don’t have any such inconvenience. To be honest, you can even fold some of them and carry to your work!

No one is also going to make a problem if you leave them PROPERLY on the sidewalk or at the gates of a building.

No Petrol Costs

The biggest motivation of e-scooters is they don’t guzzle litres of petrol just to keep moving. You can save a lot of money and forget about refuelling your tank all the time. E-scooters can often cover 60 to 100 km on a single charge making it super convenient.

E-scooters are Future of Personal Transport

E-scooters are fun and simple ways to meet your transportation needs. You can save your transportation costs and cut back on traffic congestions reaching your destination on time. Anyone can use them, and you don’t require a license to operate them. E-scooters are perfect for everyday commute and can also be great for long rides – which one do you prefer?