Zoom Stryder is the scooter everyone’s been waiting for. In fact, it has so many excellent features that may leave you completely blown away.

Designed and manufactured proudly by Ridezoom in Singapore, the Zoom Stryder has plenty to offer its potential rider. It is an opulent transportation and entertainment tool, that can get you around in no time.

One of its best and most prominent features among the youth may just very well be the fact that it can ride a maximum of 30 kilometers per hour.

Now, we know what you’re thinking… That’s just slow.

Perhaps for a car. But for an electric scooter, it’s way faster than the average scooter. And it’s only been one feature that makes riders go completely crazy about Zoom Stryder EX.

Besides, if you’re not big on cars, taking public transport still requires you to walk quite a distance. That’s where this foldable e-scooter comes in. Even if it’s not designed to go as fast as a car, it sure makes the wind blows through your hair.

With this electric scooter, you’ll also be able to get through traffic much faster. As you can ride either on the pavement or the bicycle lane, No longer do you have to worry about sitting in traffic and being late for work. Isn’t it nifty?

Why E-Scooters Are Preferred Over Motor Vehicles and Public Transportation

When it comes to driving your car to either school, work, or even to run errands, it sure comes with both convenience and hassle.

Owning a new or expensive motor vehicle comes with plenty of risks, which includes the increased chance of getting into an accident. Since road accidents are prominent in many countries all around the world, this is something worth keeping in mind. Given that motor vehicles are also more susceptible to getting stuck in some sort of traffic throughout the day, you may want to rethink owning it. That, and you will always need to find a parking spot.

Living in the city, especially in a big bad one, this may be presented as a challenge for most individuals.

The Zoom Stryder debunks all these challenges.

Will you get into an accident with another car today?


Will you spend most of your salary to maintain your car?

Uh… no.

Will you waste time finding parking or worse, sit in traffic for hours on end?


Besides stating the obvious, you’ve probably also guessed that E-scooters are a lot more expensive than motor vehicles, or even riding transport over a longer period. Well, that’s just wrong. Given that the product doesn’t require any fuel to operate, it is very sustainable, offering riders a much cheaper alternative than public transportations or cars.

That’s why more people are shifting towards E-scooters than cars these days, and that makes total sense.

Whether you spend money on your car itself, fuel, gas, maintenance, insurance, or even just having it cleaned regularly, it adds up. Apart from being a lot cheaper, E-scooters have left a major impression on those who would like to live a more active lifestyle as well. If that’s not enough to get potential riders motivated, the journey continues with helping to sustain the environment, which has turned into just about the biggest and coolest trend yet.

E-Everything for the Future

E-scooter is considered a very prominent and outstanding invention in the transportation industry today.

It’s a vehicle which has been transformed and uniquely designed, drawing inspiration from the traditional children’s toy scooter and the concept of sustainability, mixed with just a little modern-day technology.

The E-scooter has a lot to offer both its owners and the entire planet. Managed to make waves all over the world, including the U.S., and most importantly, Singapore, this invention just proved once again how trends can somehow stick around and make its mark on the world.

Nowadays, living a sustainable lifestyle is very important, adding to the protection of the earth’s most important natural resources, also offering a greener way of doing things.

Imagining that millions of E-scooters have been manufactured and now serve as the eco-friendlier option to people in different countries, is especially incredible as it only started out as a simple idea.
The creators thereof have equally taken advantage of the sense of playfulness and being relaxed, represents to the world.

When you’re on your electric scooter, the last thing you should be worried about is being late, not making it to the destination, or arriving unfashionably to your destination.

Well, while we don’t permit you to wear heels on your ride, functional clothing will do.

There are also countless different benefits the Zoom Stryder EX can offer you, all of which were designed to suit the riders’ needs intentionally.

Why Shifting to Sustainability Has Changed the Game in Urban Areas

So, you’ve switched from using plastic straws and coffee cups to using ones that are either made from paper, bamboo or more sustainable material. That’s great and all, but should you really stop there? Is that truly it for you?

Now, while some people may think that contributing to helping the environment in one way is already better than what the rest of the world is doing, it’s not quite.

It’s simple. Change starts with one person, and although the Zoom Stryder EX electric scooter looks cool and all, there’s a greater reason why it could very well be the best thing you’ve bought in a very long time.

That’s because helping the environment by reducing fossil fuels in the air, decreasing carbon dioxide, will always be the right thing no matter what.

By decreasing your carbon footprint in any way possible, you are doing wonders for the earth. As we said, it only takes one person to inspire others to do the same, which is just one of the many amazing benefits Zoom Stryder offers its riders.

You can purchase and ride your electric scooter, knowing that you have done your part in allowing the earth to thrive a little longer.

Why it’s Easy to Pick the Zoom Stryder EX Electric Scooter as the Transportation of Your Choice

Discussing the electric scooter’s functionality and countless benefits it offers may turn into a mouthful.

What once was thought to be just a child’s toy, has now evolved into something more magnificent and modern than people could have ever imagined.

Take TV, for instance. When the television was first introduced to the world, people were excited, yet didn’t know how to respond. It was something new and fresh, followed by various types of media and technologies.

Now, the E-scooter is portraying the very same image as that of the television, for instance. To think how far the Zoom Stryder Ex Electric Scooter has come over the years, there’s most certainly a lot to know and benefit from by owning one.

Zoom Stryder EX Overview and Top Features

So now you already know how special the Zoom Electric Scooter is for people who own it. It has become a means of transportation that is affordable, stylish, and functional. Given that it’s got more expensive to travel in certain cities, especially throughout Europe by using public transportation, it has also helped tourists to travel, saving them a lot of money. The same goes for a car.

What makes the Zoom Stryder Electric Scooter a terrific companion to accompany you to work and around town, is that it is portable, faster than your average scooter or electric bike. It is also lightweight and weighs no more than 10.9 KG, making it the perfect, compact companion for you when you’re busy and on the road.

What makes it different from the general scooter, bicycles and skateboards is the fact that you don’t have to spend too much energy to ride them. Yes, you may have to carry it into your workspace or wherever you may be travelling too, but once you see just how small it is, there’s not more needed to convince you.

The Zoom Stryder is designed to offer you the utmost convenience, which is something a lot of electric scooter and bicycle manufacturers tend to get wrong. Since you can carry it and its lightweight, your day will be going a lot smoother.

It can get you past some of the worst traffic jams, allowing you to get to reach your destination without any hassle at all. In fact, the only hassle you may have is getting out of bed on that perfect weekday morning. Other than that, you’re sorted and good to go.

The ability to go further and ride faster, at a maximum of 30 kilometres per hour, has drawn many people in.

Since your E-scooter is designed to work with a 500-Watt battery, there’s no need to worry about not making it up those steep hills or getting where it is you need to go. It has a slope grade of 25%.

The Best Foldable Experience Yet

Living in the modern world today, we’re sure you’ve heard about companies like Bird and Lime, two of many companies that mass manufacture E-scooters that were designed with the initiative to save the planet and provide convenience to those living in densely populated and busy cities.

Since E-scooter sharing has popped up on the scene, some don’t quite understand why it would ever be necessary to purchase your own E-scooter if you can just hire it at a fraction of the price per day.

Well, the problem with that, is that you must hire it daily, which eventually adds up. If that’s the case, you might as well take the bus, train or perhaps even your car, but since most individuals are interested in living the savvy lifestyle, purchasing your very own E-scooter might be the best option for you.

Not only will you be saving a ton of money on a $799 Zoom Stryder, but you’ll also discover a foldable option that Lime and Bird don’t have. That price itself is also saving you $300 (of the original $1,099)!

Given its price, the Zoom Stryder is notably one of the best E-scooters on the market. Its foldable option allows you to take it anywhere you like, fold it up into a compact carry-on size and since it’s extremely light, carry it wherever you may go. It is a transportation mechanism simply built to commute in the city, allowing you the freedom to easily ride over rough terrain, coming complete with a dual suspension system, puncture-free rubber tires, and is available in two favorite colors, black and red.

It offers the best traction and smooth feel, allowing you to be in full control always, due to its incredibly designed honeycomb-like structure. Its front-rear backlights are also designed to keep you alert and, on your toes, providing you with added safety.