If you’re looking for a high quality electric scooter that won’t break the bank, look no further. The new Zoom Stryder is a step up from the widely popular ZoomAir 2, improving on many aspects making it the best electric scooter of its class.

  • Improved Traction on Wet Surfaces

One of the major issue of the ZoomAir 2 was that it was extremely slippery when it came to riding through wet or tactile surfaces. This was due to the rear PU wheel which did not provide enough traction. While this might not a big issue for riders living in non-tropical countries in Europe and North America, riders in Singapore often have to stop riding when it was raining.

The new Stryder comes with a full rubber rear tyre (with a magensium alloy rim) that has the same wide tyre (and thickness!) profile as the front motor tyre. This provides great traction and control even on wet surfaces ensuring safety.

Rear Rubber Tyre


  • Safer and More Responsive Braking

Braking with the ZoomAir 2 can be quite sudden especially for new riders. We have revamped the entire motor controller and fine-tuned the regenerative braking to be much more responsive, providing the right braking power when you need it.

You will find that going downslopes is no longer daunting as you can modulate your speed down gradually.

  • Smoother and Gradual Acceleration, with 2 Riding Modes

The ZoomAir 2 had a very sudden and fast acceleration when you press on the throttle and it often felt like the speed was either “0” or “1”. It can be quite difficult for new riders who have no experience in controlling the speed especially in maneuvering tight spaces.

Stryder comes with a new controller that has 2 riding modes: Eco or Turbo. Eco mode is recommended for beginners who have little to no riding experience, and provides a much smoother and gradual acceleration. Pros can switch to the Turbo mode which gives maximum acceleration and power. Both modes have the same top speed. This makes the Zoom Stryder very appealing to beginners and pros.

  • Greater Power and Easier to Climb Slopes

ZoomAir 2 had only a 250W and riders often had difficulties riding up steep slopes ending up having to push it.

The new Zoom Stryder comes with a 500W motor with a max torque of 16 Nm making riding up hills a breeze, up to 25% gradient.

  • Charging Port and Time

We have upgraded the charging port such that it will no longer spark when you plug the charger pin into the port.

Charging time is also reduced to less than 2 hours.


  • Easier Folding

The Stryder’s folding lever and mechanism are improved to make it easier to fold it with just the one click. No more struggling with folding.

  • Foldable (and changeable) Handlegrips

One main gripe (no pun intended) with the ZoomAir 2 was the handlebars. While they are foldable, the folding mechanism made it such that it was impossible for the user to change to dffierent kinds of handlebar while retaining the folding function.

With the Stryder, you can change to any handlebar (as long as it fits) and still be able to fold the handlebar. No more searching for that elusive folding button, folding the handle bar is as easy as pulling it outwards and swinging it down.

Stryder comes with a stock Propalm ergonomic rubber grip, great for ride control and absorbing vibrations.


  • Improved Overall Build Quality, No More Stem Shakiness

After prolonged usage of the ZoomAir 2/E-TWOW, the front stem would display signs of shakiness. This was due to poor fitting of the front plates and the stem which required frequent maintenance after extended periods of riding.

We have since redesigned the front stem such that you will no longer face any free play or shakiness giving you a stable and more secure ride.

For a very limited time only, we’re offering free shipping to most countries in Europe and North America. Find out more in detail about the Zoom Stryder.